Still - EP

by Capen Evans

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Written and produced by Capen Evans
Produced, mixed and mastered by Billy Centenaro
Photograph by Shervin Lainez


released February 8, 2015


Billy Centenaro - Guitar (1, 2)
Collin Pastore - Pedal Steel (1, 4)
Jeff Kinsey - Bass (1, 2, 4)
Rafferty Swink- Piano (1, 2, 4)
Sean Camargo - Drums (1, 2, 4)
Lydia Luce- Viola ( 3 )
Capen Evans - Guitar and Vocals



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Capen Evans New York, New York

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Track Name: Still
By Capen Evans

Verse 1:
I could blame it on the summer air
or the alcohol
For why I fell so hard and
never saw the ground

But I know it was you
and your arm wrapped around my waist
as we walked through a moonlight town
and night turned into day

Pre Chorus:
But summer only lasted till fall
and the distance has a way of erasing it all

I don’t know what love is, still
I don’t know what love is, still
Lately it’s a bus, a plane or an Amtrak train
I can’t wait until
this love is still

Verse 2:
When your plane lands
and you walk through the double doors
My world turns bright
you’re holding my hand in the passenger side
And our story’s delicate
we don’t have the time
to argue or fight
We turn around and say goodbye

Pre Chorus:
I’ll nervously wait by the phone
because I won’t sleep until I know your home

off the tracks and dusting back all the grit and rust
Our love is patient but the distance is wearing on us
but we’ll make it work cause we chose us
Track Name: San Francisco and You
San Francisco and You
by Capen Evans

Verse 1:
Here I am again
Staring at this new door, waiting for, the green light in
My bags weigh heavy in my hand
you weigh heavier in my head

Verse 2:
We’ll play house in this room
We only have three days but I’ll fill the walls with your favorite tunes
Your mumbled words make me think you don’t have a clue
that the Golden Gate doesn’t shine
half as bright as you

Pre Chorus:
I promised myself I’d be okay
since I had to walk away

San Francisco’s holding you
in the parks, in the bars and avenues
Scenes still burn in the back of my mind
bringing me back to
San Francisco and you
San Francisco and you

Verse 3:
Like summer in your city and trips to the beach,
our glasses seal promises we can’t keep
Your hand is steady on my back, you lean in and laugh
You talk about adventure and I’m convinced that

Pre Chorus:
Being apart of yours is enough
to last us

Will, you let me love you?
I want to be the only one you turn to
We could take this city and
make it ours
Track Name: Losing You All Over Again
Losing You All Over Again
by Capen Evans

Verse 1:
Boxes of your clothes line the hall like mourners around a grave
For months I’d walk by I couldn’t bring myself to throw anything of yours out
But now I’m forced to choose which things remind me the most of you
Cause I’ll never move on unless I open that first box
But every piece I give away
I’m losing you all over again.

Verse 2:
Our old neighbor stopped by the house today
We small talked about the weather and how things on our street have stayed the same
Then she asked how you were and I lost my breath
Then I felt myself fall apart when I told her
It’s been more than a year now and
I’m losing you all over again

One day I’m okay then the next I can’t breathe
Reminders come in waves and I wish they’d just leave
Cause I’m so tired of hanging on a hinge

Verse 3:
Fast asleep I could feel your side of the bed warm
I rolled over and you wrapped me up in your strong arms
You kissed me on the cheek, like you were back again
But I had this sinking feeling when I woke up to find I was
It was all in my head and now
I’m losing you
I keep losing you
I’m losing you all over again
Track Name: Telephone Wires
Telephone Wires
by Capen Evans

Verse 1:
Oh my sweet reverie
This little town held me like a prayer
And the water runs delicately
through my veins from ground below

Verse 2:
Its been ten years now
since I stood on this white porch
With signs that said we wouldn’t be coming home

Pre Chorus:
No kind of singing could bring back the light
to this ghost town

Creek road is dark tonight
with a faint shadow from a dim lamplight
No more shoes hanging from the telephone wires, the telephone wires

Verse 3:
Innocence, used to run
round the corner to the local town store
Now it’s broken and rusted with spider web cracks
dancing through lead dusted glass
This is where I had my first kiss
before the water made him sick

Pre chorus:
No kind of singing could bring back the light
to this ghost town